TEM, the thermal deburring method
The TEM deburring process

The process

A mixture of oxygen and fuel gas surrounds the parts in a deburring combusion chamber and burns away unwanted adhering particles. This burning process takes place in a very short period of time, from 10 to 20 milliseconds, so that the parts themselves, are insignificantly heated (around 100-160°C). The sudden temperature change, which can reach as high as to 3000°C, depending on the gas mixture and amount, overheats all component parts that have a high ratio between surface and bulk. Because of their proportionately large surface area, the unwanted burrs are unable to dissipate this intense heat quickly enough causing hot spots (white heat) in the burrs that ignite and finally burn from the excess oxygen in the sealed chamber.


thermisch Entgraten TEM



Entgratprozess, thermisches Entgraten TEM