Before deburring
Your advantages

Before the deburring process begins, the produced workpieces have to be cleaned of any lot grease, soil, shavings or splinters. A pre-deburring treatment might also be necessary for good deburring results. Therefore we recommend contacting our sales department or sending us a sample that we will gladly deburr for you - free of charge. Following this treatment, the parts are usually loosely attached to holding fixtures, in order to achieve consistent deburring results. This process is especially useful for external deburrings, allowing the hot gas to be evenly exposed to all workpieces and guarantees that the deburred parts won't block each other from the heat. Small parts with interior burrs can also be processed as bulk materials. This same also applies for bizarre pressure die-castings.

  • The highest level of process safety
  • No unwanted adhering particles
  • Higher economic earnings
  • Removal of interior burrs
  • Deburring suitable for fine threads
  • Small bore diameter possible
  • Sharp edges free of burrs up to light chamfer
  • Hand deburring partially or entirely unnecessary
  • No or little initial costs
  • Competent support for deburring

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