When to deburr
Production flow

We have the best conditions for the thermal deburring of your turned and milled parts immediately after mechanical finishing. Workpieces have to be cleaned of any lot grease, soil, shavings or splinters. Therefore, depending on the material and processing, a pre-deburring is recommended. Heat and surface treatments and also highly precise finishings such as honing need to be, whenever possible, dealt with right after thermal deburring.

Send us a few sample parts and we will deburr these free of charge.

We recommend sending us different sample qualities. In this way, we can test which deburring process is the right one for your parts and if a pre-deburring treatment is necessary.

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You can speak to me about any further questions regarding this procedure or about ordering samples. I look forward to hearing from you by phone or mail. 

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Production flow with thermal deburring

Produktionsablauf thermisch Entgraten